Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bumps in the NanoWriMo Road

The month of November is a little more than half over and that means that we're that much closer to NaNoWriMo being over.

I have two distinct emotions surrounding this fact: YAY! and OMG, I've still got 30,000 words to write. Don't worry, I'm not of the mind that the product of the November writing sprint is going to be fit for public consumption (or any other kind of consumption for that matter) until a great deal of revision has been done. But, I still want to finish, if only for the satisfaction of getting to the end of a task.

Some of my nano buddies are way ahead or are far behind in their personal word count goals. For those, like me who might be suffering from intermittent writer's block or just the doubt that what you're producing is worthy, here's an excellent take written by Martina Boone and posted at her shared blog, Adventures in Children's Publishing. The advice is timely and relevant to all writers, not just those interested in Young Adult literature. There are loads of other excellent pieces posted there, so amble on over and take a look.


Marilyn Brant said...

Pamala, you may have 30k left to write, but -- I trust my math skills on this enough to state this excitedly -- that means you've *written* 20k!! Awesome!!!!!!!! :)

Pamala Knight said...

Marilyn darling,
Thanks for reminding me to look forward instead of backwards. Maybe I'll get a burst of inspiration and get a big BIG chunk written here in the next few days.


Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Pamala, I was thinking the same thing as Marilyn when I read your post- "Wow, you've written 20,000 words. You Go!"

Seriously that's great. Thinking of you and best of luck~

Pamala Knight said...

Hey Nancy!

Thanks for the encouraging words and for stopping by. Hope you and Tom are both doing well.