Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bridesmaid Once Again

Remember back before Spring Fling 2010 when Chuck Sambuchino, the editor of the Guide to Literary Agents blog, allowed me to post this little opinion piece on writing contests? Well, it appears that I'm in the wedding party again.

I'm a finalist in the First Coast Romance Writers Beacon contest for unpublished writers and couldn't be happier. Now I understand those folks who say things like, it's awesome to just be nominated. Right now, I agree wholeheartedly. Right now, I'm on cloud nine just to be among the last three standing. But check back with me in a few weeks to see if there might be tears if I end up in the ugly pink dress instead of the white Dior satin.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Marilyn Brant said...

CONGRATS, Pamala!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoo-hoo!!!!!! Fingers crossed for the white Dior satin, and best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving ;).

Pamala Knight said...

Thanks Marilyn! You have my best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

See you soon (I hope)

Pamela Cayne said...

Congrats, Pamala!!! I can see you in the white Dior satin and you look STUNNING!!!

Pamala Knight said...

Pamela sweetheart! Thank you for the sweet words and let's hope that the gods of the big dress see things the same way that you do ;-).

Hope you and your lovely husband had a great holiday!

elegantextracts said...

WOW! And double WOW!!! This is wonderful news! You are already a winner to me, though!!!

Pamala Knight said...

Teresa dearest! Thank you for the kind words. Keep your fingers crossed for me.