Monday, July 7, 2008

That's Five for Fighting

So Venus Williams put aside her concern for her little sister's feeling for about two hours and won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles title for the fifth time.  She's also made it to the final of that tournament seven of the last nine years.  That's quite the achievement and just proves that she is probably the greatest grass player of her generation and with that wingspan and serve, I might make the case to name her the GOAT on grass.  As a consolation for taking the big dish from her sister, she teamed with her to also win the ladies doubles title.  It was a great weekend for me and I didn't have to  strike a single ball.

Now for the men's single's title--Rafael Nadal wrested the title from Roger Federer in an epic final.  I wanted Roger to win but Rafa deserved the win--he played within himself and showed the kind of toughness that bodes for nothing but success.  Congratulations to him and let's hope that Roger can bounce back and win the USOpen.

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Marilyn Brant said...

Two amazing finals! I thought of you as soon as I saw the news that Venus won it for the women--she was phenomenal :).