Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watching matches instead of washing clothes

It's the early rounds of the Championships at Wimbledon and I alternate between being parked in front of my television watching matches or parked in front of my monitor following the scorelines. There's an excellent blog on the website called 'As it Happens' manned by the effervescent Drew Lilley which never fails to entertain. Another of my favorite tennis blogs is in the blogroll, GOTOTENNIS. It's the Federer nation over there, but very balanced and entertaining in respect to all the other players too.

My all time favorite, Venus Williams, won her match this morning but not without a bit of a struggle early on. The early rounds have produced some fabulous tennis--the Ivanovic/Dechy ladies match yesterday and even the Safin/Djokovic pummeling as well. The hunky Russian played as beautifully as if it were 2000 all over again.

An added benefit to watching the matches live, even with the time difference, is that I can get up early, get a healthy dose to feed my tennis addiction and then before the afternoon is too old, get started on the housewifery. Everybody wins--I get to watch tennis and still have time to make dinner without getting the fish-eye from the men of the house.


Marilyn Brant said...

Ooooh, I just went to GOTOTENNIS so I could see some clips of Safin...yeah, he's just fun to watch. Period :). And it's so intriguing to see an underdog pull ahead like that. I'm curious to find out how far he'll go.

And Venus, of course, is ALWAYS interesting! I hope to see one of her matches soon, too...

Marilyn Brant said...

Adding a comment here because I just saw that Venus defeated Serena in the women's final--you must be celebrating :).