Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fairy Tale Love and A Giveaway

So, it's no secret that I'm a huge Neil Gaiman fan. Also, I am really excited to have been asked to contribute to the #LastReads series at Land of Lost Books. I mean, what a fascinating concept! You get to choose the very last book you read, so it can be infused with as much or as little emotion or whatever, as you've decided. I'm a lifelong reader and the collection I chose, The Coloured Fairy Tales edited by Andrew Lang specifically The Blue Fairy Book and the Green Fairy Book, were almost nudged out by a Gaiman book.

When my boys were little, I read to them every night. Even now, we still share books. One of the books we read (even before they saw the excellent film) was Neil Gaiman's STARDUST. If Lang, Aesop and the Grimm brothers are names that immediately leap to mind with ancient fairy tales, then Neil Gaiman is the master of modern fairy tales--CORALINE, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK and STARDUST, all favorites.

My kids love, love, love STARDUST and the movie just solidified those feelings. I mean, who wouldn't with that cast? Robert DeNiro, Claire Danes, Mark Strong, Peter O'Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Henry Cavill, Ricky Gervais and voiceover by Sir Ian McKellan. What's not to love about a peasant boy thinks who fancies himself in love with the local rich girl/princess only to find out that he's the last male in a magical royal line, destined to be with a star who falls to the earth? There's pirates, seven greedy princes, a scheming and dying king and three delicious sister-witches all hellbent on finding that elusive earthbound star.

So, in honor of my #LastReads post, I'm giving away a copy of the tale that almost made it . Leave a comment at my post at Land of Lost Books to be entered into a drawing open to all domestic and international shipping destinations. Feel free to share this!

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