Thursday, December 13, 2012

TWELVE MORE DAYS! or The First Day of a Doctor Who Christmas

Now that the Doctor has said goodbye to his beloved Ponds, there's a new companion on the horizon.  Here's my alternative to a partridge in a pear tree--a "mini-sode" of the Christmas Special:

How cool was that?? The new companion, Clara Oswin, last seen as Oswin Oswald, techie genius and failed soufflé-maker, was trapped inside a Dalek. Hopefully the Christmas special will explain how one morphs into the other.

I'm really excited for this year's special since a new villain emerges to menace society and drag the Doctor out of his doldrums.  PLUS PLUS, there's a new Cybermen episode penned by Himself, Neil Gaiman, on the horizon.  You know I'll be all over that, so stay tuned.  I might have to come up with some swag for those brave enough to listen to my ramblings until the Christmas special airs.  So watch this space, as the saying goes.

Tell me, are you excited to see the new companion or will you pine for the Ponds?

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