Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Friday

Things have been BUSY, my friends, and to make up for neglecting you here for so long, I thought I'd share Grace Potter's (usually with the Nocturnals) song STARS which serves multiple purposes in its beauty--pleasure, inspiration and reflection:

Early pages of Book One made the finalists list of the RWA's Kiss of Death chapter Daphne Du Maurier Contest for Unpublished writers and landed Honorable Mention accolades for me. Was I sad at not winning? Of course! Those who know me can see my competitive streak, plastered across my forehead like a tattoo ;-). Remember when I wrote this? Also, the winner of my category took the overall winner's prize, so things must have been tight down in paranormal town. BUT, I'm thrilled to have made it to the last five standing and console myself with thoughts of being just a little bit closer to my goals. Fingers crossed that if I continue to work hard, things will work out fine, as the song says. Happy Friday!

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