Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keeping Promises or The Roundup

I promised to scour the internet for accounts of Spring Fling 2012 to share and can I just say (preens, blows on nails), I hit the motherlode.  Future superstar and author of THE SIREN, Tiffany Reisz blogs about an elevator ride with a happy ending (not that kind!); Repeat offender Robyn Bachar (LOVE the pink hair), shares her experiences in two separate accounts to match the two days of the conference; YA author and chaptermate B.A. Binns weighs in; Author and Shutterbug Morgan Mandel provides a pictorial account; chaptermate and 2011 RITA-nominated author, Maureen Lang's account; and finally, Publisher's Weekly book maven Barbara Vey, wraps up with an awesome overview.

Anyone interested in owning the audio recording of the conference, here's the link.

  I've already started saving my pennies for the next time in 2014.

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