Friday, March 19, 2010

Guest writing and the Friday wrapup

Chuck Sambuchino, editor of the wonderful and informative Guide to Literary Agents blog, graciously agreed to post a link to Spring Fling for June and me. He also offered us the chance to post a guest blog which sent us both into fits of panic, outbreaks of hives and a general anxiety attack. We can barely concentrate on writing the resident blog posts let alone guest ones. However, I won the roll of the dice and did my best to not embarrass me/us. Here's the link to my post on writing contests. Take a look and see if you agree with my assessment.

We're really pleased to have Sarah Wendell of the extremely informative, wildly popular and generally hilarious Smart Bitches Trash Books website, as one of our many talented workshop presenters. She'll be talking about online marketing and if anyone knows from the internets, it is Sarah. She blogged earlier today about how Chicago's going to rue the day if the weather falls into the "inclement" category when she makes the Spring Fling scene. Folks, things aren't looking good for the City of Big Shoulders because in the almost twenty years I've lived here, April is not the month where the heavens break open and decide to play nice. I got married in July long ago and the California wedding guests were buying overpriced sweatshirts on Michigan Avenue because they were cold. Sweatshirts!! In July!! All I'm saying is that the weather gets kind of crazy and very atypical sometimes around these here parts. So, I might need to start an extra special basket of awesome for the out of town presenters to counteract the probability of it being messed up during conference time.

I can hardly believe that Spring Fling is almost here but I'm truly excited for it to arrive.


Pamela Cayne said...

I cannot wait either--the seminars look amazing, the guests look fabulous and the conference itself looks like it's in the *best* of hands! Only 5 more weeks--hooray!!!

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Pamela! Thanks for the sweet words and I'm looking forward to you (and everyone else) arriving here for the conference.