Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Celebration and a Contest

Not by me, though. I don't have anything to give away. Not yet. This announcement is for a friend.

Moonrat is hosting a celebration at her awesome blog, Editorial Ass. The reason for the virtual spread where my imagination serves up cupcakes (German Chocolate among the many), sushi and perhaps a big bottle of vodka, is to honor her 500,000 hit at her blog. There's a whole lot of us stopping by EA for not only the tales of the Aunda, Sylvester Antoino the clever kitchen mouse, or to lay bets on what time Moonie will eat her lunch (hint: MUCH earlier than lunchtime). But in between all this merriment and mirth, we stop by to get the goods on the publishing industry from an insider.

You too, can get a shot at getting a step closer because if you go here and leave a comment, you'll get a chance to win a 20 page critique from the woman herself. It's a contest and the winner will be chosen at random.

Congratulations on your numbers, Moonrat. Here's to 500,000 more hits.


Marilyn Brant said...

Hey! You changed your blog, too! Must be the week for it :). Yours looks lovely--very springy and bright! I'd read about Moon Rat hitting 500k on Twitter, too--very cool!
Looking forward to seeing you soon ;-).

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Marilyn,

Yes, I'm going through the change the blog template every other week phase, lol. Trying to get into the spirit of the season now that the weather is cooperating. Fingers crossed that it will hold up.

See you soon ;-).

moonrat said...

thanks for posting, Pamala :)