Sunday, July 30, 2017

Post RWA and a Daphne Update

So, this happened:

Early pages of my Historical romance, HIDDEN DEPTHS, earned third place in the unpublished Daphne contest this year. YAY!! Cue the confetti cannon :) I'm pretty thrilled that a story I started fiddling around with just to get my writing brain engaged once again, while trying to get past Hashimoto's brain (and I've got the oversized face to prove it), won a prize. Any prize. As you can see, I got a spiffy certificate, a voucher for a Coffin class offered through the Kiss of Death chapter and even a check that will buy me more than a few cups of coffee. On top of all that, the competition in the Historical category was serious. I mean, the talented lady who won the category has either been in the finals or won a bunch of other contests, so...Good on me for even making a showing. Progress my friends, progress.

The rest of the conference was also pretty awesome and once I've had a chance to decompress, I'll come out and share some of the highlights.

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