Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Flashy Lighty Thing

That’s the crux of one of my favorite, favorite quotes from the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special.  Matt Smith’s Doctor is explaining his love of all things shiny to the skeptical, elder version of Kazran Sardick (played by the magnificent Sir Michael Gambon) and how he’s drawn, moth-like, to the flame of Kazran’s atmospheric weather machine. 

Leading up to this year’s Christmas special, some terribly talented writer folk (first up, the intrepid Erica O’Rourke) have decided to host a tour throughout the blogsphere to replenish our deprived and depleted Doctor Who souls.   A tour that includes prizes and you my friends, like your prizes glossy and gleaming, just like the rest of us.   Even if you’re not a Whovian (and really, why aren’t you? Missing out, I tell you.), I’m sure you’d find great steaming chocolately mugs of enjoyment in every single fabulous post.  Where can you find these brilliant pieces?  Glad you asked!  Here’s the schedule of posts included in the Thirteen Days of Doctor Who, beginning with Erica’s:

December 12
Erica O'Rourke: The Moment I Fell In Love With The Doctor

December 13
Eliza Evans: Vincent and the Doctor

December 14th
Allie Pleiter

December 15
Sarah Enni: The Doctor and How He Changes His Companions' Lives 

December 16
Erika Stroup: In Who, Nothing Is Ever What It Seems

December 17
Phoebe North: The Doctor As Anti-Hero 
December 18
Clara Kensie: Who Would Win -- The Doctor vs. Other Famous Doctors
December 19
Kim Samsin: The Missing Piece In Every DW Alien Species

December 20

Patricia Riley (and blogmates): The First Time I Met The Doctor 

December 21

Ryann Murphy: Music In Doctor Who 

December 22
Lisa Bigelow: Must Love Doctor Who

December 23
Pamala Knight: Neil Gaiman and the Allegory of the TARDIS 
December 24
Beckybrarian: Growing Up With The Doctor 

December 25
The Drawing!

So, start your week out on the proper footing with a visit to Erica O’Rourke’s.  I’m up on December 23 with my thoughts on the episode entitled, The Doctor’s Wife, written by literary genius Neil Gaiman.  I’ll also have a yet-to-be-named prize for a random commenter on that date.  So, put on your Fez, straighten your bow tie, and settle in with the Doctor and friends.

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Marilyn Brant said...

I'll be looking forward to reading your special Dr. Who post, Pamala!!

Pamala Knight said...

Thank you Marilyn! I'm excited to share my appreciation for Doctor Who in general and for Neil Gaiman's episode from this past season's lineup.


Karenna said...

Hope everyone is having fun with this. Must say, I have learned much. And enjoyed some cool links.

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Karenna!
It has been GREAT fun, hasn't it? I'm so glad that Erica and Eliza came up with this idea to keep us all a little less insane until the Christmas special bows, lol. I hope you'll come back to leave a comment on today's post. Thanks for stopping by.