Monday, January 31, 2011

Waiting for Adele

Once, February 22 arrives and her new disc is available in the U.S., I'll get the full experience but in the meantime, I thought I'd share:


Marilyn Brant said...

Are you going to a concert of hers? Or is a CD coming out? Regardless, wonderful video!! :)

Pamala Knight said...

Hey Marilyn!

Adele's CD (already available in the UK) drops on US soil Feb. 22. Sorry for the confusion ;-).

It is a wonderful video, right? She has such an incredible voice. Thanks for stopping by!

nursejulielynn said...

My friend was still in Europe when the cd came out. I can't wait to steal it from her!

Pamala Knight said...

Hey Jules!

It's only three weeks away so we'll have to try for a little patience, right? I've got it on pre-order at iTunes.

Vivienne Courtoise said...

Love listening to Adele! Her music definitely gets me in the mood to write. When I first saw her on tv - this little girl with the powerful voice I was impressed. She is amazing to see in person, too. Now I have to mark my calendar to get the CD.

Michelle Styles said...

Pamala --

I saw that you won the download of The Perfect Concubine. If you can email me at, then I can get it to you asap.

Off to watch the video of Adele now.
Michelle Styles

Pamala Knight said...

Hey Bonnie, thanks for visiting. Adele is so fabulously talented isn't she? Only a few more days until 21 comes out in the US. If the whole thing is nearly as good as "19" then we're in for a treat. *waves*

Michelle! So happy to see you hereabouts and I am STOKED to read THE PERFECT CONCUBINE. I'm very glad to have won the drawing. I'm a bit jealous because in the UK, you've been able to buy/download Adele's CD for a few weeks now. But I guess that's only fair, right?

Caryn Caldwell said...

Since it's the 24th, you must have the CD by now. Hope you love it! I've only heard one of her songs, and I really liked it. Will have to listen to this one when I get home, since I'm at the library and I don't think the people next to me want to hear songs blasting out of my tinny laptop speaker.