Friday, May 7, 2010

A Wonderful Way to Help out in Nashville

I was watching CNN earlier today and no matter how many times I see the video of the devastation wrought by the flooding in Nashville, I'm still shocked anew. The damage is widespread and normalcy will take months perhaps even years to recover for the residents there.

The damage to the Gaylord hotel in Nashville has forced the RWA national meeting to be relocated from Tennessee to Orlando, Florida. RWA loops are buzzing with questions and information on airline flights, agent/editor pitch appointments, driving distances and many other issues surrounding the conference. The publishing community is also rallying round an auction spearheaded by three authors meant to benefit Nashville. Click here to see all the fabulous items being donated and bid upon. Whenever I see online auctions, I always wish I had some talent or possession that would interest anyone enough to encourage them to donate but alas, I don't. But, I can bid on items that interest me and even if I don't win one of the bids, I'm going to make a donation of whatever I can afford. I hope that you will too.

As I watched the CNN broadcast and report on the Nashville flood, the sound was muted on my television. But in my head, this is the song I heard:

I hope you'll click the link, browse the auction items and/or make a donation if you can.

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