Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doing the Highland Fling

The Spring Fling 2010 website went live here today and I thought that the warm-up dancing should begin. There's still a little bit of tweaking to be done, but we thought that we would give the masses a peek at what've we accomplished so far. Once registration opens on November 1 (Samhain on some calendars) which is appropriate because we're lucky enough to have Lindsey Faber from Samhain Publishing as one of our editors taking pitches, then we hope to have everything confirmed and the line dancing can begin in earnest. Though I won't be joining in the electric slide, sorry ;-).

Speaking of dancing, Wikipedia tells me that the Highland Fling (that'd be a cool name for a conference focusing on Celtic/Scottish romances, wouldn't it?) is a dance that warriors did when they returned victorious from battle. It involved very precise leaping and prancing on a targe, a small round shield with a steel spike in the middle. Um, I don't know about you but I think that should I have made it back from battle with my feet intact, I wouldn't risk driving a spike through them by dancing on my shield, spike side up. What if you bent it or once the single malt started flowing and you know it would, someone landed on it? What was wrong with a dance floor or the ground? Well, anyway. Though I don't like the idea of the Highland Fling as a dance after battle, it's still nice looking done on a stage like this.


Marilyn Brant said...

Our fearless Spring Fling leader--you are amazing!! Thanks so much for all your hard work on our behalf. And the dancing video just made me giggle...thank you for that, too!

Pamala Knight said...

You're so welcome, Miss Marilyn. Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Pamala! Great job- and I had a fully formed picture of kilted men dancing around the spiked shield... :)

Thanks again so much for all your hard work. Cheers!

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Nancy!

Yes, the kilted men dancing around their shields is a powerful visual, aye? Sorry, been re-reading the Outlander series and crying my eyes out over the state of Jamie and Clare. Highland flinging couldn't be far behind,lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to get my copy of MR. CHARMING tomorrow night. *waves*

Beat C said...

oh, those poor girls have numbers on their skirts! did they compete against each other. and really, they should have left some spiked shields on the stage, for added excitement. greetings from beat!

Pamala Knight said...

Beat my love! So glad to see you here. I agree that the stage dancing would probably have been WAY more interesting if they'd given them all a swig or two of whiskey and then made them dance around their targes, lol.

Thank you for stopping by. Did you see Neice in the playlist? I'm loving the album even more than the first time.