Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watch out for that Giant Boulder or Nevermind....

I can explain the radio silence. Really I can.

I have been a very busy bee gathering workshops, speakers, editors and agents for Spring Fling. But that wasn't my only time sink.

Back to school loomed large and there was supply shopping that had to be done. Evil, evil supply shopping that strikes terror in the heart of procrastinators like me. I never win with the shopping. If I try to get ahead of the curve and shop right after the list comes out at the end of the school year, then they haven't stocked the items yet. If I hold true to form and wait until the very last possible minute, then I get the sneer of derision from some pimply, disinterested youngling who takes what seems a vast amount of pleasure in telling me that they're 'out.' Out and never getting any more, okay lady? That's what I hear when they roll their eyes, sigh heavily and tell me that yes, that's exactly where the obscure thingamabob the teacher asked for just to see if I would buy it, was housed but it's now gone. Anyway, today was the first day of school and I am totally willing to bring the pain if either teacher gives me any flack about 'missing items.' Because outside of paper, pencils/pens and maybe a zip drive, I consider all that other stuff they force us to buy as nonsense.

On a happier note, I've been browsing this awesome site for graphic tee shirts that openly encourage submissions for ideas for new tees. The site is called Threadless and they have many wonderful shirts on offer. My new favorite says something like (and I'm totally paraphrasing) 'dude, if your pants are on fire, then being a liar is the least of your concerns.' Or something to that effect, but there are many, many brilliant choices.
I might offer up one that says WILL WRITE FOR FOOD. Let's see how far that gets me.


Pamela Cayne said...

I think you're one of the very few writers I've heard of who doesn't rush out weekly to Staples or OfficeMax for back to school shopping and all of those lovely highlighters and post-it notes and leopard print binder clips and...you get the idea. Hope you don't have to lay the smack down on any teachers as a result.

P.S. love the t-shirt site--thanks for the wonderful time suck!

Marilyn Brant said...

I'm all about getting my hands on those binder clips... :)

Actually, this summer, I knew I wouldn't have time for shopping of ANY kind (not even post-its!), so I ordered my son's stuff through the PTO and it all came packed inside of this cardboard box. And when I saw the weird dry-erase markers the teachers had requested, I was glad not to have had to hunt them down in Wal-Mart or something. I'm having a hard time believing the kids are really gonna be using these.

Also, that t-shirt site is a riot! I loved so many of them, esp. this one:
Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don't make sense,


Pamala Knight said...

Pamela- Don't get me wrong, I am in BIG LOVE with the boy named Max at the Office. I love the legal pads and mechanical pens and pencils all tucked away in their shrink wrap. BUT, I kind of hate shopping and all that it entails and school supplies are the special binder clips of the devil. And post-it notes remind me of storyboarding at which I suck, lol. So...umm, yeah. Not so good with the school supplies. Or shopping. Don't ask me how I get pants.

Marilyn- You are the Smarty Artiest of us all, arent' you? All those dreaded school supplies confined to a tidy little box would be heavenly, if only I could get the evil wenches masquerading as teachers to agree to such thing. And my son and I were laughing about that very t-shirt this morning, LOL!

Thanks ladies!

Robin said...

Hi, Pamala! LOL at the school supply shopping. My youngest *loves* to shop - for everything really - and we've had to go back and purchase new items so he can reorganize his things. I think we're good now. Phew.

Will go check out the t-shirt site. I'm not one to wear t-shirts with sayings but a writer pal of mine gave me one that says Writer Chick and I love it!

Pamala Knight said...

How did I miss you visiting? Head up my arse, evidently but HELLO!

I'm so glad that someone (your little one) enjoys supply shopping because it would be a tragedy if it sucked all of the air, life and pleasure out of the shopping experience. Wouldn't it?

Hope all if well on the left coast.