Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Life filled with Purpose

The advent of the new year hasn't completely lifted my dark mood, but I've decided to learn to swim with the tide rather than against it.  It also doesn't help that I've been battling a really nasty flu for the last six days.  I say that in warning, just in case none of the rest of this post makes any sense.

  I rarely make resolutions for the new year and the ever effervescent Marilyn Brant, whose blog is listed in the blog roll, posted an excellent treatise on the proper way to deal with those--resolutions, I mean.  Marilyn also has introduced her brand new website and is hosting a contest, open until the end of this month.  If you're popping by here, take a minute to click on the link to her blog and leave a comment, please.  I'm all about the swag and she's got plenty of it.

I've recently volunteered to co-chair my RWA chapter's conference in 2010.  I'm excited about making decisions involving  which authors we'll be able to lure to Chicago to be our speakers, who'll be on the editors and agents panels, and just being involved in all of the ins and outs of running this event.   As an unpublished writer, I think the experience and exposure to all of the elements of the writing life will be exciting.  I learn something new almost everyday about the publishing industry or the writing craft, but hope that my business world experience will translate to making our Spring Fling a success.  In addition to getting the lineup for the event in order, I'll be trying my best to lure authors, aspiring or established, to come to Chicago to attend the conference.    I'll post my progress on this front as time passes, otherwise I might be asking for a tee shirt that says "STOP ME BEFORE I VOLUNTEER AGAIN."

I say that because I'm also the new program chair for my chapter.  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  It means that I'm responsible for pleading, whining, wheedling and cajoling people into attending one of our two monthly meetings to speak about things that are of interest to the writers in my chapter.  My predecessor in this role, the awesome Martha, has actually left me with a very nice cache of speakers and activities until I get on my feet.  For instance, Patricia Rosemoor of the wonderful vampire and mystery romance books, will be on deck for April.  My  dear friend Nancy, who's a professor, author and certified image consultant, has agreed to speak to our group sometimes during the year.  Nancy has a book on fashion and style debuting in February, Your Personal Style.  There's also 'hot night' where members read a steamy section from some of their writing.  Most recently, Carrie Lofty, whose book What a Scoundrel Wants , debuted in December and is justifiably getting rave reviews, offered our last program event with a seminar on writing action sequences(snakebite scenes).    I really enjoy program night, so hopefully being the program chair won't take the fun out of it for me.

So, let's hope that in addition to wrangling my family and keeping up with my own writing, that this new volunteer opportunity provides me with plenty of purpose over the months to come.  Fingers crossed. 


Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Hey, Pamala,

Just think, you might meet someone, networking-wise, that might inspire, or help you to get somewhere with your writing! :) You just never know! :) Sounds like a fun conference! If I lived closer, I'd be sure to come! :)

Good luck with that and your writing! You'll make it! :)

Marilyn Brant said...

How did I miss this new post?! My only excuse was that I was stuck in the frightening world of computer code and unable to read my own Blog Roll last week... Thank you, sweetie, for mentioning my website and the contest...and just for being so kind and thoughtful. Our writing chapter is SOOOO fortunate to have you in those key leadership roles this year, but I'm even luckier because I consider you (in Lydia's words :) "my particular friend."

Pamala Knight said...

Terry-Thanks for dropping by! You're absolutely right and who knows, someone who will help make all my dreams come true could be lurking at our conference. I hope so and hope that you can come. Next year is a long time to be able to plan a trip, so think about it. Okay?

Marilyn-I think I started this post, pre-flu and therefore it shows the original date instead of the actual date. Kind of tricky, this whole blogger thing, isn't it? I'm excited about Spring Fling and you guys really don't know what you've done in allowing us to co-chair, lol. The two least romantic romance writers in the chapter are in charge. We all know that if I had my way, the keynote speaker lineup would read something like, Neil Gaiman, Lee Child, Andrew Vachss, Robert Fate (ooooh, BABY SHARK) or Patrick Rothfuss. And if I had been a really good girl, then Stephen King would bring his band. Oh well, too late now. Mwhahahaha.

Charles Gramlich said...

Volunteering is a good way to make friends and contacts. Good luck with that. And thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry I misspelled your name in my comment there. FOrce of habit, I suppose.

Ann Victor said...

Hope your flu is completely gone Pamala! And what a fantastic opportunity to co-chair your RWA chapter. No wonder you volunteered. You'll have some really great times meeting authors and doing all sorts of other writerly things!

And, when I'm low with the blues, my husband (who is like a cuddly Buddha, always calm and centred!) says one step at a time, just one step! Somehow that does make the day more manageable. Hope you're on the up-swing soon!

Pamala Knight said...

Charles- Thanks for the words of encouragement and don't worry about the spelling--it happens all the time. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work (the poetry was excellent).

Ann- you're so sweet to bolster my spirits. Your husband sounds very supportive and I'll bear his words in mind when next I'm fading into the black or blue territory. Enjoy your jaunt to the country so that you can get back to J'burg and write more of that excellent story you've started. *waves*

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Pamala,

I missed this blog post as well...hmmm, were you hiding it?

Thanks for volunteering. Contact me if you're desperate for a program. (Shush, don't tell but, I have several. I've simply been trying to not volunteer too much.)

Feel better! :)

Abigail Reynolds said...

Pamala, you are very impressive! Keeping busy is good medicine for me when I'm down, but I hope you don't let yourself get stressed out by it all.

Maybe I'll even join RWA so that I can come to your Spring Fling!

Lots of hugs and virtual chocolate!

Nancy J. Parra said...

Hi Pamala,

I tagged you with a meme-when you have time- visit my blog for more information.


Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Pamala,
I think you'll do a great job both with the programs and also with our conference.
You'll have a lot on your hands, but also you'll have plenty of people you can designate duties to. With both jobs you should make valuable contacts, which will come in handy for networking.
Have fun!

Morgan Mandel