Sunday, November 9, 2008


In my research for the moving target that is my current plotline, I struck gold yesterday.  At the local library, I found a wealth of information on the Carnac stones which are megaliths much like Stonehenge, but these are located in Britanny.  Little do they know that they are playing right into my grubby little myth-altering hands.

I'm combining cultures and utilizing shared mythologies in ways that will probably have some scholar screaming for my little finger, but don't worry.  I'll have my stock in trade answer ready for all the naysayers, which is 'lighten up--it's fiction.'  Not that I'm anticipating a storm like the one that has followed the author who wrote her fictional account of Aisha, the young wife of the prophet Mohammed.  And, since there's no one haunting my doorstep asking to publish my drivel, it might just be a moot point.  Where was I?  Oh yes, my myth-bending and plot which is wildly careening out of control with each passing day.  Every day I scribble more action-filled scenes that have nothing to do with advancing my storyline and thus are just overblown navel-gazing for me.    Fortunately, I am getting better at the self-editing.

I'm just glad to have found what I was looking for and to have it fit so perfectly with my wicked and warped plans is just the spark I needed to write this weekend.  

AND, Venus won the WTA Tour Championships without losing a single match.   She handed her sister a bagel in their match before beating two more opponents to claim the title.  Nice work and she totally deserved the 1.34 million dollar purse.  Did I just type that?  It looks so ridiculous in actual words, lol.  But I'm sure that those are Venus' sentiments about the loot.    That said, the dark days between the end of the tennis season (now) and the Gold Coast tournament brings on withdrawal for us die-hard tennis nuts.  So, get ready for the whining and forgive accordingly.


Marilyn Brant said...

Congrats on finding such valuable info!! Missed seeing your kind and smiling face at the meeting tonight. Hope all is well :).

Nancy J. Parra said...

Isn't myth bending fun???

Congrats on the happy research.

Pamala Knight said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

I'm excited to have found such comprehensive information on the Carnac stones and that part of Britanny--helps immensely with the world building. So that someday in my dreams, when someone asks me how I envisioned some detail in the world building, i'll be able to tell them.