Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rogue Plot Bunny on the Loose

I'm knee-deep in world building for my current project and trying to be more organized about it, rather than flying by the seat of my pants like I normally do.   I'm trying to make sure that all of the magic and mythology makes sense and is consistent throughout the story.    This newfound organization makes for much slower writing than the previous effort, but I think that I'll reap the benefits down the road when it's time for editing.  Or maybe it's just another form of proscrastination.  That remains to be seen.

But, lately I have been sidetracked, distracted, call it whatever you want, by a story idea that's totally different from what I'm working on.  I don't think it's enough to sustain a novel, at least not for me, but probably a nice tight short story or novella.  So rather than ignoring this loud, obnoxious, yet beguiling plot bunny, I've decided to just write the darn thing so that it will leave me in peace.  

Maybe I'll post it here once I've finished.


Marilyn Brant said...

I've found that the more I learn about book structure the slower every aspect of writing is for me...

As for the short story idea, you know I'd love to read it if you post it!!

Hugs to you :).

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Marilyn!

As always, thanks for popping in and keeping up me up to date. I'm still looking for that thoughtful place between reckless abandon and careful consideration, so wish me luck (and cake--always cake, lol).