Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Offspring of Dorothy Parker

I'm watching Gilmore Girls and marveling at how proud Dorothy Parker would be knowing that her particularly witty and snappy brand of dialogue is alive and well and in syndication.  I love all of the quirky characters on this show, but surprisingly Mrs. Kim and her daughter Lane are my favorites.    The mother, a strict parent and Seventh Day Adventist owner of an antique store is the perfect foil to her secretly rebellious, Joy Division loving, rock band forming daughter who has a whole cache of illegal booty stashed under a board in the floor of her room.

When Lane's cousin from Korea recoils aghast and in horror, in response to the french fries Lane has clandestinely offered her and says with a straight face that Mrs. Kim has told her that french fries were the 'starchy fingers of the devil,' I don't think I could draw breath for a full minute because of the laughter.

Naturally, instead of taking advantage of the few minutes of quiet here in the house by writing, I'm watching television.  Harlan Ellison was right--I think we now know how the death of the dinosaurs occured.  They were caught off guard by the meteor because they were watching I Love Lucy, I bet.


Marilyn Brant said...

I love, love, love the Gilmore Girls! Our library has all the seasons on DVD now, which is a relief because I missed so many episodes in the last couple BECAUSE of working at the library!

Fabulous dialogue, funny situation, quirky characters...and, still, so many heartwarming moments. Loved that show!

Pamala Knight said...

Hehe, Marilyn. There's always good things to be found at the library.

Gilmore Girls is wonderful and none of the characters are duds--they're all like shiny pennies with only half the Lincoln head, lol. Even Lorelai's mother, Emily, has that rapier wit.

Thank goodness for DVD, is all I can. Thanks for stopping by.

birdwoman said...

No, no, dinosaurs died because they smoked cigarettes. I saw it in a Far Side cartoon!


Pamala Knight said...

Teehee, Betsy! Maybe they were smoking while watching I Love Lucy. Love the Far Side too.